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You, right now.

Blake Whitman
December 13, 2008 by Blake Whitman Alum

Howdy all.

So, I'm curious. What is everyone doing right now?!

Tell us in a video!

Tag it with 'me right now' and then add it to the Me Right Now group.

And if you aren't doing anything right now, just make something up! That's cool too.

Hope everyone is having a swell weekend.



shatonya joyner

Interview was awesome!!Glad to see you made it back to t.v!!


You tease. I read the title and thought... Vimeo is launching live HD streaming!



Amir Motlagh PRO

I'm working on pre-production for a new music video. Will post it when its done.

Bao Hoang

I uploaded my first concert video. It was cool and stressful at the same time.

Kings & Crooks

Just finished editing a short Road Trip Movie, uploading as we speak

Irina Shatalova

Oooh! Now I'm waiting, than Vimeo will finish converting my new little video (after 10 hours (!)... Aaaaa! I want to be a 'PLUS' user, but I'm not living in USA.... Aaaaa! :D

Joe Kidd

I'm just checking out the moon and the stars...

Daria M

Just finished replying to my emails at YouTube. Wondering when I should begin working on my 2009 Christmas tree sequel -- since all my lighting is still out.


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Diego Stocco Plus

This morning I posted two tracks of a soundtrack I did a while ago.
I'm trying to convince the director to join Vimeo so he can post his works here, including that movie.
I'm already using Vimeo for all my videos, I love this website!

I hope you don't mind the post about another website, The project is called "Uno in Più":

Kirk Lorange

Any lovers of slide guitar should drop in and see the video I uploaded yesterday.

Mike Maekelburger

at the moment, I'm very happy with a documentary made by a friend and I. It's about longboarder stereotypes. Check it out if you're interested!

Peter Meier

I'm getting prepared to go sledging with my 5 year old son in the swiss mountains.


Uploading some great videos - as part of our Travel Gives Back campaign. Barbados school...

James Harris Plus

What I'm doing right now... look at my video 'Fluorescent Lights - Filming In Progress' I am currently working on my sixth skateboard film for Redlight Skateboarding, which is going well so far, 3 months into filming and we already have some great footage from some of England's best offerings :)

I hope everyone else is doing well, my weekend was spent with my friend Steve Kell, check out his weekend video as well to see his average weekend!

Take care,



Creating the drum track for our new song and preparing for our last week of school. : DD
I'll try and record

Stay well.


Trying to fit a 400mm f/2.8 with 5DmkII into a Redrock Micro rig. Tight fit!


Editing 90 minutes of yesterday's massive Santacon in NYC down to something I hope will be worth watching.

Danny E

Great! Uploading a video!


working on a script for a 30 min short -


I've generated about six renders from FCE, still comparing... 1st video off production line with new Canon HF-11 and FCE on Macbook.

Taras Lesko

Freezing my butt off with a broken heater!

James Rhodes Plus

I've been filming 2 different recording sessions today with 2 different musicians, I'll post them over the next couple of weeks, (only allowed one HD a week :( )
Very productive weekend though, Borrowed an EX1 and a couple shotgun mics you see. Exciting.


recording/video studio all day.

Andy Schwarm

I'm uploading another silly video of people riding dirt bikes and stuff, here at the wack place I live, a couple of Speedway stars involved; Mike Faria and Ryan Fisher. Not to mention the Fishback's, Jr. and Sr. See Daelyn Woods race-around in a Yamaha Rhino two weeks after having child.

Peter A. Cancilla

I just posted my stop-motion movie; "Frostheath: A Night at Christmas Town's Hottest Nightclub"

A Jazzy, nostalgic presentation int the tradition of Rankin/Bass

And I'm eager to see the reaction.

De Rigueur

I just made a video starring the moon.

Heather Clebo

I'm sitting in front of my computer in a toque, a hoodie, a layer of polar fleece and a heavy jacket. And I'm still cold. Old building, Artic Outflow Winds. Windows frozen shut. It's gonna kill the freaking palm trees, by the harbour. (Yes, this is Canada, but it's Victoria. It's not supposed to do this here. )

Did shoot a little video of 'the winds' from my bedroom. Maybe I'll upload it before tunneling into a ton of quilts with a hot water bottle and my cat.

Ken Mason

I am listening to the original master tracks of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and isolating Freddie Mercury's vocals.

Chris Loope

waiting for my EX3 to show up, and preparing to do 1 or 2 short film animations over the holidays....

Geoff Caplan

Enjoying my new Panasonic 3CCD hybrid SD/DVD camcorder.

tom lew

what camcorder would that be?

Frazier Nivens

Shot a Christmas Concert a couple days ago, it's up and online now, Silent Night and Winter Wonderland with the Clayton Brothers, AWESOME singing group. Everyone should enjoy listening to these guys sing.

Evan Norris

Waiting for the Wind to die down so I can shoot some nice winter Video...

ilan katin

Being a human being as opposed to a human doing... but with video.

Paris Evans

hungover from a christmas party last night
just redyed my hair purple
adding to a painting i've been working on
listening to music
drinking tea

Casey J

I am trying to film for my new skate vid coming out soon.

Casey J

Dude i am being bored editing a sick new skate montage.

tom lew

I can't cause the upload thingy is being worked on! lol

Dr Dimento

hmmm, guesss i'm setting here reading all these comments and actually enjoying it while i'm waiting on streaming vids to finish up from saturdays tv show tapings. got the shows done now gotta stream 'em for the client and in the meantime thinking about next years movie short or maybe even a feature . . i think i'm ready :o)

Paul Sellen

Adding software to my daughters computer so she can start the wonderful world
of video editing!


Posted my first video 12 days ago, as a showcase for my (new) clients. Just to find out that all this time the video was only accessible for a very limited group of viewers. Today all these limitations have been removed. It was also not to good for my self esteem that the counter kept stuck on 22 views for days!

Wanna take a look? !!!

Dog Of Panic

Made the best decision of my life. I switched from youtube to vimeo! I plan on making drum videos to use as a resume for potential bands and for whoever else wants to watch.

Josh Pabst

Working on the Script for my next Short Film.

Calle Producciones working, and thinking how wright this message... no hablamos mucho ingles, somos una pequeña nueva productora latinoamericana, especificamente chilensis, eso.


I'm uploading footage from The Chemical Brothers playing @ Warehouse Project at weekend!!


well, uploaded a widescreen 720x576 (1,42 pixel) video. okay that was wrong, so i converted it to 1280x720 (square pixel) to replace that old one. worked out @
but: now the new video still is 4:3, the thumbnails are still from the old video and by replacing an old video the size 16:9 vs. 4:3 isnt getting renewed?! so i gotta upload it from scrach..

Anna Person

Me right now---boring snow day...check it.


trying to figure out how i'm going to make some money back after spending about $2,000 on gadgets... Bought a SB600, nice lowe pro trekker bag for a nikon camera that i haven't bought yet. wasn't sure between D80 or D40, already have the 18-200mm VR II lens, bought a starter lighting kit, Huage MMC stabilizer for my canon HG10, along with other goodies and one of these days i'll put it all together in a video. that's just this month...


what i do now? ...

waiting for a blog entry which says that vimeo plus is also available for europeans :P

would be a very booooring video to create. ;)

Sean Blevins

I'm about to finish watching Aliens and converting videos for my iPhone that my girlfriend's brother gave me.


Working - isn't everyone? :)

Soxiam Staff

i think many of you guys kind of missed the point. blake is asking you to UPLOAD A VIDEO of whatever you're doing right now, not describe it in the comments here.


the funniest. thread. ever.

Marcos Zanet

New Year's Card / Uploading the New Year's Party Video

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