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Your videos are going mobile!

Andrea Allen
January 11, 2010 by Andrea Allen PRO

Greetings my fellow Vimeans,

I have awesome news to share. The Vimeo developers have been hard at work, making it possible for anyone who owns a smartphone to easily watch, like, and comment on your videos!

Plus users who own an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, or Palm Pre can now go to our mobile site, and make mobile versions of their videos. After logging in, click "My Videos" then the "Generate Mobile Videos" button! (Please allow some time for your videos to bake in the transcoder ovens.)

For Plus users who don't have a smartphone, no worries! You can make mobile versions of your videos by going to any of your video's setting page and clicking the "Videos" tab. Then check the "Generate mobile versions of all my videos" box.

Once you choose to make mobile versions of your videos every new video you upload will get a mobile version and all of your existing videos will be queued up to be converted. For the next few days there will undoubtedly be a lot of demand to mobilize videos, so please allow for up to a day for everything to convert.

We are really excited to offer mobile support and hope everyone enjoys watching Vimeo videos on all these fun new devices. We will be adding even more mobile features in the coming months so stay tuned!

By the way, if you happen to run into a snag or need help with your mobile videos, please post to our Mobile Help thread in the Help Center.


Justin Davis

Awesome. And lol at missing the < at the beginning of your link there *wink*.




Excellent news. Now I can stop using episode. Will there be an option to select for mobile videos while uploading new vids? Or do we wait for them to upload first?

Daniel Hayek Staff

Your new uploads will also have mobile versions made after you initially select to have mobile versions made from your phone.


I'm already really enjoying it! Thank you berry much. The quality is so insanely better than YouTube!!
Alto I can't play the embedded movies I posted on my blog. Love to see that as well.

Richard Peters

I don't have a smartphone but I'm guessing this can only be a good go off to put my vids in the oven...!

Having the mobile version auto appear in embeds when visited from phones would be amazing!

Ben Smithett Plus

Nice! But how do we see these videos? Will they all just be added to the big long list of Staff Picks (?) that I currently see at on Android?

It would be awesome to be able to access our subscriptions through the mobile site.

Andrew Pile Staff

There's a new tab on the mobile site, you have to be Plus.

Someday we hope to have subscriptions in there.

Ben Smithett Plus

You have to be Plus to see the videos that Plus members convert to mobile?

Ben Smithett Plus

Cool. Buuuuut how do we access them? Do they all just show up in the big long list on the mobile site?

Andrew Pile Staff

There's no subscriptions page right now. If you go to any video page on Vimeo, you'll be redirected to the mobile version.

Gunnar Oliphant

Yeah seriously thank you! I can't wait to try this feature out. I'm happy to pay for a plus account because of all the effort you guys put into making this site amazing.


is blackberry in the future of being able to view vimeo vids?

Joeri Kassenaar

This is so AWSOM.
And executed very well. Love it.

Juan Pons Plus

This feature has been working well! I would love to be able to also play videos that are embedded using the flash embed... Maybe a new version of the embed code that is javascript based that switches on the fly based on the detected browser?

Thanks to Vimeo for listening!

Juan Pons Plus


Thanks for chiming in, and I am very happy to hear it's coming...


Chris Coleman Plus

it is great to see even more value emerge from my "plus" money. I will also be super excited at having the embedded stuff work! many thanks.

François Tarlier

thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you ! thank you !


Blake Whitman Staff

you are welcome! you are welcome! you are welcome! you are welcome! you are welcome! you are welcome! you are welcome! you are welcome! you are welcome! you are welcome! you are welcome! you are welcome!


We already released our latest video on mobile mode and it's been received well by our viewers! Thanks for making it easier and more accessible for people to check out the videos. =D



I've just tried this out. It's going to be really exciting for vimeo over the few months. Great work guys.

Blake Whitman Staff

We're workin on tons of cool new stuff, the app being one such feature. No dates yet, but believe me, I want it just as much as everyone else!

Gallie Essential Institute

I follow the Vimeo film tweets on my iPhone. Sometimes the link redirects to the mobile site and sometimes not.
Anyway, it's refreshing to get a response from one of the creators.
Google can learn something from Vimeo.

Ronan Leyesa Plus

Ah this is great. I'm guessing we'll see dedicated vimeo mobile apps in the near future.

The Book of Jer3miah

Fantastic! Another reason to love Vimeo.

And I'll love it even more when the improved analytics are done. :) When's the plan to release that?

Article19 PRO

don't use the word soon!!!!!!!!!! and where's our free pony, we were promised ages back? ;o)

Mike Hutcherson

wow thats cool. Will this work on my Nokia Cityman 450?

Mike Hutcherson

I'm saving up for one. i've already got a few flux capacitors ready

Haatch Creative Vreviews

Why only for Plus users? Wouldn't it make better business sense to allow EVERYONE to use the service on their smartphones? Vimeo is hands-down the BEST video sharing site on the internet that I have ever seen. Is an iPhone app entirely necessary, I don't believe so right now. Focus on getting the masses to use the service and then focus on compartmentalized markets.

Matt Schwarz Staff

Because this is a new and exciting feature that has taken a lot of time and effort, we are only offering it for Plus or paying members, but that may change somewhere down the line. Either way, all users at the very leaset can view any Plus members videos and use Vimeo mobile.

Brennan King PRO

Awesome! I can't wait for a Vimeo app for Iphone O.S. I've been dreaming for it for 4 years! Anyways Thanks guys

Andrea Allen PRO

You were dreaming of iphone apps 2 years before the iphone was released?! ;)

Brennan King PRO

Yeah I'm kind of psychic... on my mother's side. I kid I kid. I just don't know how to do math.

Alastair Tye Samson Plus

thank you for paying attention to android as well as iphone :D

can't wait till i can embed vimeo vids on mobile sites - it sucks having to upload a version of everything to youtube just to keep all content available to handheld users of my website.

EJ Angeles Plus

YES YES YES!! Although I got a message saying "file format not supported" when playing a video from my iPhone... But vimeo mobile kicks ass!


ha ha ha! I just posted a day or so ago that if I could access my vids on my iPhone I'd sign up for plus in an instant - well now I will have eat my words!

Anthony Errisuriz

Great Addition. Can't wait for the embed option for mobile detection.


An iphone's users they would love be browsing "VIMEO" with special application "Like You Tube" as soon

Jan Vantomme

Great! I've been waiting for this feature for a long time. Thanks.


oh my god,
god awnered my prayers!

MadHat Plus

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
(SOOOO pleased!!)

Matt S

Sweet! Way to go Vimeo. This is tempting me to upgrade my iPod touch to an iPhone but I will resist (maybe).

Lonny Quattlebaum PRO

I will build a sweat lodge in my Backyard and you guys can take a dip in the Little ar-Kansas River.


What about the mobile OS with the largest share? It doesn't seem to work on Symbian.

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