We just rolled out our newest feature: Vimeo Daily Update. Now you can get a daily email that summarizes all the stuff that happened in the past 24 hours. This email can show you your latest subscription videos, recent videos your contacts have liked, recent comments left by your contacts, new friends your contacts have made, and even a little stats summary to keep you informed of whats happening with your videos.

Of course you can customize your daily update so that you only get the information you want, delivered right to your email inbox.

Sign up now at: vimeo.com/settings/notifications

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Erick C.

Erick C. Plus

daily stats! i wish you didnt add this feature to my sissy ego. "i didnt get any views today, WAAAAAAAH!" :)



great, thanks for that! i was just asking myself WHERE the heck are my overall stats (likes overview anywhere?) ? looking forward to that mail now :)



thank you. that sounds good to me, have a good weekend


Remyyy Plus

Good idea and as clean and sweet as usual (which means super great). It's really nice that new friends contacts following (and the other details). Remember of one "old" possibilities of v4.



Good god , major props to you all! ' just got the first version recount of Sweet Valentine's day , Perfect Love, this is such a great development, especially the "contacts of " But really all of it is cool . I like how you can select what updates you want.
Great work, simply legible & most impressive!
Thank you!


wreckandsalvage PRO

This is great. Any way we can get it sent to one of our multiple email addresses and not the other?

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