A few weeks ago, I posted a homework assignment for anyone who was interested. I realize that the word "homework" may bring up years of suppressed grade school anxiety, when in fact it should feel more like "fun time".

So, lets just call it the "Weekend Project", and anyone who is interested should give it a try. Then post the link in this thread. Try making a new piece, not just posting something you've already done.

Weekend Project: Edit a video that has a musical rhythm with both sounds and visuals.

Have fun and be creative.

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Lisa Kassner

Lisa Kassner PRO

I like it a lot... more than a weekend I think perhaps to edit...the NTSC color bars at the end makes me think you too work in broadcasting?

Well done, great shots, bet you had a great time in Japan!

Lisa J. Kassner
Los Angeles California



well not my coop of te. Good photos and lovely view of japan, but still not big fan of using still images in a slite show in videos....


Levi McCallum

Levi McCallum

Sorry, Blake. Can't promise anything, clients are asking for work to be done!



Hi all. I'm new to the site and I just finished editing my latest video this weekend. Let me know what you think.


Anthony Pitko

Anthony Pitko Plus


I shot and edited this on June 5th, uploaded and posted all before Noon the same day! Great music score, great waves, and relaxing to watch and view. Just two blocks from my house. Enjoy!

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