Greetings my fellow Vimeans,

I have awesome news to share. The Vimeo developers have been hard at work, making it possible for anyone who owns a smartphone to easily watch, like, and comment on your videos!

Plus users who own an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, or Palm Pre can now go to our mobile site, and make mobile versions of their videos. After logging in, click "My Videos" then the "Generate Mobile Videos" button! (Please allow some time for your videos to bake in the transcoder ovens.)

For Plus users who don't have a smartphone, no worries! You can make mobile versions of your videos by going to any of your video's setting page and clicking the "Videos" tab. Then check the "Generate mobile versions of all my videos" box.

Once you choose to make mobile versions of your videos every new video you upload will get a mobile version and all of your existing videos will be queued up to be converted. For the next few days there will undoubtedly be a lot of demand to mobilize videos, so please allow for up to a day for everything to convert.

We are really excited to offer mobile support and hope everyone enjoys watching Vimeo videos on all these fun new devices. We will be adding even more mobile features in the coming months so stay tuned!

By the way, if you happen to run into a snag or need help with your mobile videos, please post to our Mobile Help thread in the Help Center.

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Justin Davis

Justin Davis

Awesome. And lol at missing the < at the beginning of your link there *wink*.

@Andrea: You're. Not 'your'. Love, The Grammar Nazi






Excellent news. Now I can stop using episode. Will there be an option to select for mobile videos while uploading new vids? Or do we wait for them to upload first?

Daniel Hayek

Daniel Hayek Staff

Your new uploads will also have mobile versions made after you initially select to have mobile versions made from your phone.



I'm already really enjoying it! Thank you berry much. The quality is so insanely better than YouTube!!
Alto I can't play the embedded movies I posted on my blog. Love to see that as well.

Yasser Ballemans

Yasser Ballemans

Vimeo, I think you're great but I think it would be reasonable if it was possible to get this feature for €5,- per video.

Einar Ólafsson

Einar Ólafsson

So, what's the status of mobile embed? I can't view iframed vimeo videos in Android or iPhone 3. But it works in Ipad.


Kino-Olho PRO

Thanks for this option. I have some mobile videos and would like to others one can view the videos in theirs mobile phones. What need to do? Everyone need to have the vimeo app? And how they can add in the phone? Thanks

Paco Guitar

Paco Guitar

Hi! I'm a new Vimeo user. Congratulations for all the efforts you put on this beautiful website. Please Video application for Blackberry users! That would be just great!!! Greetings to all Vimeo users and staff! Paco

Arthur Stone

Arthur Stone

Awesomeness - keep innovating guys and gals...and Thank You : )

Precious Moment by Scorta

Precious Moment by Scorta Plus

Hi! =) I'm still new to Vimeo esp to the Plus facilities. I tried to make my video available on mobile but on the VIDEO tab, it doesn't have the option of "Generate mobile versions of all my videos". Please help =( Thanks

Sari Gilman

Sari Gilman Plus

I was having the same issue yesterday. I found out that the video I uploaded before I got the Plus account couldn't become mobile enabled until I uploaded another video. What you have to do is this: from your Vimeo account, go to your videos, click on one of your video files, go to "Settings" > "Video file" > check the "Mobile version" checkbox > click "Upgrade this Video"

THEN, you have to upload a new video and it will make that new video Mobile compatible - even iphones / ipads. It appears it also converted my other videos that I already uploaded.

Hope that helps!


RealArt Plus

My plus account can't view in andriod device

Elite Show Band

Elite Show Band Plus

do you have to have PLUS to be able to see videos using and iphone, or can the basic plan work?

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