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First, let us introduce ourselves: we are Katie and Taylor, the Community Apprentices here at Vimeo. We've gathered a few goodies to share with you for today's installment of This Week in Vimeo. Onward!

The beautiful French family behind Capucha stopped by our offices today, and we're all still swooning over little Capucine. If you haven't seen their videos yet, here are a few simple steps to attaining enlightenment:

Step 1: Slap yourself on the wrist for living under a rock. Where have you been?
Step 2: Watch this.
Step 3: Try to resist the immediate video-watching frenzy that will most likely ensue as you click through each one over and over again. Yeah, we couldn't do it, either.

Melt your cyber-hearts even further by heading over to the My Family Portrait Group to witness sentimentality at it's very best. This is great collection of unpretentious, honest footage of the ones nearest and dearest to the members of Vimeo.

In the increasingly digitized world of moving pictures, it can be easy to forget about your roots. This channel aims to make sure that doesn't happen.
The Vimeo | 8MM HD | Film Channel showcases some of the best works on Vimeo shot exclusively on the vintage home movie stand-by, 8 millimeter film! What better channel to watch while waxing nostalgic about friends and family?

Yours truly,
The Apprentices, Katie and Taylor

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Corax Incarna

Corax Incarna

I dutifully slapped my wrist immediately. And followed the rest of the instructions the best I could...

Jon Bryant

Jon Bryant Plus

And a big shout to Jared Foster who's behind the "My Family Portrait" group - a superb idea and brilliantly done by Jared!



haha, I clicked this post because I wondered about the family portrait group, and suddenly I see my own channel being featured here! thanks alot guys!



Love Capucha. :) They are wonderful.

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