It's another great day on planet Vimeo, we've got some new things for y'all to play with. Let's get right into it:

Custom URLs for your videos: Ever notice how hard it is to remember specific video URLs? isn't very descriptive is it? Today we're rolling out a new option for every video that let's you specify an alternative human-readable shortcut. For example, that same video can also be reached via Custom URLs combine both your custom profile URL (in this case "staff") and a word or sentence you choose. Now your links can have some context wherever you share them. If you haven't set up your custom profile URL yet, you can do so here. To make a custom video URL visit the settings page on any video. One last note: this is only a redirect for now. That means it's purely aesthetic (no SEO value) and you will always be end up at the "numbered" version of the video page.

Better HD embedding for Plus users: Back when we made HD embedding free and unlimited for Plus users we also changed the default embed quality to SD and left it up to the viewer to choose HD. The reasoning was that in almost all situations embedded videos don't require HD resolution-- in fact embedded videos are often scaled down to smaller resolutions than our SD quality. SD videos also load much faster and buffer less, which is especially important on external webpages which are also loading a bunch of other stuff. Since making this change, complaints about loading and buffering have decreased but many Plus users still want viewers to experience their work in the highest quality. Today is your day, you quality fiends!!! Now you can default viewers to HD resolution on your embeds. Viewers can always opt back to SD resolution by clicking the HD logo in the player and that decision sticks until you turn it back on. We think this is a happy medium. Look for this setting on any HD video's embed settings page. You can update all of your videos at once on the video default settings page.

Hide your activity on your profile page This is a small tweak people have been requesting for a long time. You can now hide the activity module from your profile page. You can find this option here.

All these features came from suggestions from you, so if there's something you'd like to see added, please let us know in the request forum!


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Remyyy Plus

Me trying to place a 1 cent "joke", ahah, as usual.

Ken Gagne

Ken Gagne Plus

I love the custom URLs! Any chance of bringing this functionality to albums as well?



custom url it's great , thanks

Greg Keegan

Greg Keegan

Thank you so much Vimeo! I really enjoy the customizable url option for our videos: it's more personal.
I love it!

Callback Showreels

Callback Showreels Plus

I realise this thread is two years old - but custom URLs for Albums would be VERY useful!

Chuck Green

Chuck Green Plus

Like they've said....Please let us have custom URLs for albums...please:-)

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