This weeks extraordinary user is Eddie O'KEEFE, a member since December 2007. Eddie seems to have stumbled out of a different decade, describing himself as the kinda' guy who "digs chicks, patty melts and rock n roll music." He's responsible for some amazing short films and music videos, all with a unique "rustic" style. His profile claims, "He makes movies about delinquent teenagers behaving badly," but he manages more than just that. Eddie's work captures the energy and emotional complexity of youth, and with such style.

Check out his latest music video The CHANCES - No Escape and my personal favorite The GHOSTS.

Last Weeks Video School Lessons:

Keeping your Lens Clean!
A clean lens can be the difference between an awesome shot and a terrible one. Learn how to keep your cameras' most important feature ready for action!

POV (Point of View)
Point of View (POV) is a camera perspective used in all sorts of videos. Learn what it is and why it can help your video viewers leap into experiencing your story.

Did you know?
If you're lacking in the inspiration department, take a gander at the Video Projects Forum.

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Timmy Booth

Timmy Booth

Congrats, Eddie "Jack's Friend" O'Keefe!

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