Dear Vimeans,

We love filmmaking at all levels, so whether you have the latest dark magic 4-d IMAX-compatible camera or just your rickety old mobile phone, it's all audiovisual storytelling swellness to us. That's why we're happy to announce that the Disposable Film Festival is right this very instant accepting submissions!

The Disposable Film Festival, or DFF as we like to call it, celebrates movies made with everyday devices. We've all seen the world of creativity changed by technology landing in the hands of the enthusiastic smart-phoned every person, and having attended the DFF a number of times, I can attest to its awesomeness. It's a singular blend of boisterous screenings, educational workshops, and cerebellum-poking panel discussions.

Imagine having your creative vision shown before a live audience, chatting with fellow videomakers, and winning all sorts of cool prizes. To be honest I can't think of a good reason to not submit, so get to it!

If the quality of talent in previous festivals is any indication (check out last year's grand prize winner "Malaria" and honorable mention "The Man Who Lived on his Bike"), this year will be chock full of creative visions that transcend — or are enhanced by — their technological limitations. Watching is just one part of the festival, though, as conversations with filmmakers are a major attraction as well. Here's a sample of my discussion with Bianca Giaever, whose video "Scared is Scared" is a must-watch:

Submit your film soon — the deadline is October 1st!

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Thom Ekers

Thom Ekers

Hi, I just wanted you to check out this short animated film I have made with puppets! It is called The West Factory Rebellion.

It has been in two festivals here in the UK including the BFI and The Little Angel Theatre (the home of British puppetry).

I really hope you enjoy it :)


Kt Knilans

Kt Knilans
Please watch the behind the scenes video of the Staley Designs book builder photo shoot. A local network consisting of over 20 industry professional creative minds who come together each season to create magic!!! CCAD video student- Kt Knilans, Staley Cook Creative Producer. Lead Photographer, Will Shivley- BTS Photo's by Shane Fowler of Vision Photography Studios. Styling by designer Aaron James- Ruby Hill, & the Royal Factory Atelier. Thank you for watching- Like and share :)



great good work
really thanks for u Daniel Hayek
thanks for u Vimeo

Richard J Craib

Richard J Craib Plus

Three seconds under the 10 minute cutoff! ooft! The songs chosen for my film may pose a problem regarding copyright, damn :)

Yousef Kekhia

Yousef Kekhia Plus
You trip the vision you want, the music that you think, you pause, then you go back to trip again!
this is my first video here, i hope you support, i need feedback.

troy wolfe

troy wolfe

how about a three strikes policy-- !! and I'm sick of your stupid rude comments too

Apostolos Vasileiadis

Apostolos Vasileiadis Plus

My film, along with the credits, is 11 minutes. The actual film is 9:50. Can I still submit?
I'd hate to go back to editing and cut 1 minute.

suraj arya

suraj arya

what is the topic for this festival? pls help

Francesco Carzedda

Francesco Carzedda

I am thinking about submitting an interpretation of 'In peace (reprise)' by Lasswell (a artist) shot with help from Mum List Flycatcher and sons... mmm, I'll do it !

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