Death. That’s what Halloween is about, kids. Not candy, not costumes, not “The Monster Mash.” The whole “horror movie” and “scaring people” business is a byproduct of the ultimate thing we all fear at a most fundamental level: our own inexistence.

This is not to say we don’t appreciate a good old-fashioned costume party.

Nor do we have anything negative to imply about general spookiness.

We’d simply like to pour one out — that’s gangster slang — for those who’ve shuffled off this mortal coil.

But enough with the depressing ruminations on our inevitable ephemerality. Today is also a time for celebration! After all, it’s the birthday shared by Vanilla Ice and Willow Smith, two of our personal intraoffice idols. Whip your hairs, you icy babies!

So, on this joyous occasion of the births of our saviors, please view some especially terrifying videos compiled by our creepy curation crew:

And join us in hashtagging:


P.S. Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

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Carl G Martin

Carl G Martin Plus

I made a video for Halloween this year. It's not really scary; it's a showcase for my futuristic, sci-fi, comic-book, noir inspired costume:
It's all of those things, but not scary. That being said, there's still death in it!

Savva Svet

Savva Svet Plus

Saw some great stuff here. Check out this "high concept, cinematic" club promo we made for WEBSTER HALL. The biggest club in NYC and the official after-party of the halloween parade. Enjoy

Matthew Welch

Matthew Welch

Solid Richie Tenenbaum! Looks like a blast!

Super P.

Super P.

I'm an icy baby. I just whipped my hair. Did not end well.

Justin Waldman

Justin Waldman

I find it interesting that you present halloween as if it is universally "celebrated" worldwide. It's not. In the two places I call home (Italy and South Africa) it is a remote thing which is not understood, is often spelt incorrectly, and is perceived as something to do with pumpkins, knives and candles in far away places like the USA and England. I have a sticker which I picked up in the UK some years ago - issued by the Kent Police, which says, "Sorry, no trick or treat. I won't answer my door to you" borne of issues (the sticker explains on its reverse side) home owners were having by undesirables arriving at their doors late at night with fanciful demands. Perhaps I should Google this thing you call Halloween and try to understand what it is you're on about. So these giffs are all very puzzling.

Matt Schwarz

Matt Schwarz Staff

Hi Justin,

Sorry if you feel this post to be at all alienating. Vimeo is based in the USA, and while we are always sensitive to the customs of other countries, we've celebrated Halloween on the site and with our community for many years now. By no means did we intend to present it as "universal", but we do like to let our community know it's a holiday we enjoy here :)

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