Sometimes, you have to take a moment to clean house. On Vimeo, that can mean changing the settings for a bunch of videos, or removing old videos to free up storage space. Whether you have a handful of videos uploaded, or hundreds (or even thousands, you busy little bee), making these changes can take time. To make your life easier, we’ve built a handy tool to help you manage your video settings in bulk. Meet the Organizer.

The Organizer enables you to change the privacy settings for multiple videos at once, and manage their presence in collections, a.k.a. Albums, Channels, and Groups. And thanks to the Organizer, you can now… drumroll… more drumroll... delete multiple videos in one swift action. Bye videos!

To start organizing, log in to Vimeo and go to Once there, select the videos you want to do stuff to, then change their privacy settings, add them to or remove them from collections, or delete them. And yes, Vimeo Plus and PRO members can access their additional privacy options.

We’ll be adding more "fun"ctionality to the Organizer in the coming months, so prepare for future organizational bliss. In the meantime, try batch-editing (or deleting, if that's your thing) some videos and send feedback our way!

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Steve Diener

Steve Diener PRO

Good to know! Missed this feature a few weeks ago!



Alex Dao

Alex Dao Staff

Darn. Next time you need it you can give it a spin!

Alex Dao

Alex Dao Staff

Not at the moment, but what would you like to do with your Watch Later videos?

Eric Michael Rasnier

Eric Michael Rasnier

Things like group them by the artist, length, category, popularity etc. Generally the same kind of basic sorting topics but just to group them in the same manner as The Organiser.

Driven by Creatives

Driven by Creatives PRO

Would be really great to have the possibility to order the videos by albums. So you can search for an album and view and edit only those videos included in this album.

Sebas Radic

Sebas Radic Plus

can i organize my videos from A to Z? I want that to be the "viewer" first order to watch my videos but i haven´t been able to do it!

Eikon Mobile

Eikon Mobile PRO

I'm a Vimeo PRO user and my organizer isn't updating after deleting videos from albums, channels, etc. It still displays all videos with an ever increasing count. Deleted video thumbnails still appear in organizer and when I click on them it says I don't have permission for this area? Has this happened to anyone else?

Ricardo Crooks



I'm having trouble with this too - select videos, select a privacy setting, hit submit and nothing happens?

Mi Ryu

Mi Ryu

Mine doesn't work from "Get started". The "X" button doesn't click either. Any comments?

Benedict Sanderson

Benedict Sanderson PRO

Hi guys, thanks for this. Is there a way to sort videos into different categories, so they are actually displayed like this? (EG Can I sort my work into documentaries and drama shorts?) If so, is it Groups/ Channels/ or Albums?


Innersurf International

Innersurf International PRO

When we have the videos embedded elsewhere - and then we organize - does this undo the video embeds elsewhere - because it creates a new link address - or the original video embed is fine - the organization is for our internal use. I organized a bunch of stuff - a feature I love - but then my videos stopped working in my membership site. Let me know ASAP - thanks


LegallyConcealed PRO

Is it possible to have embed preset option preset like one for albums in organizer.

Thank You!

Mark Savage

Mark Savage Plus

Not working for me. Suggests my changes have been accepted after submitting, only to find settings are unchanged and people can still view videos that I have tried to password protect.

PRO user, on an iMac using Safari, incase that is relevant to the issue.

Could you please update re: this bug?

Margaret Gibson

Margaret Gibson

The organiser is too hard to follow. I accidentlally deleted ALL my home movies. HELP!!!

Colorado Community Church

Colorado Community Church PRO

Please, please, please: add the ability to change presets in bulk! We just updated our website and our main link color has changed. We would LOVE to be able to apply a saved preset to all of the videos (to change button colors, etc.)!

Thanks. :)

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