Shooting & Gear

Tips for shooting at night with a mirrorless camera

Shooting at night with your mirrorless cam? This lesson will give you the tips for making your low light shots awesome.

Lighting & Sound

Let it snow: Our guide to winter lighting

The days are shorter and colder, and that can mean great things for your video. 3 reasons to love your lighting during the winter months.

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Lighting & Sound

Perfecting outdoor lighting

Shooting outdoors leaving you in a bright fright? We’ll help you get over your fears and get that light right.

Lighting & Sound

Let there be lights: how to perfect your office lighting

Don"t let overhead fluorescents get you down! Give your video a polished look with these office lighting tips.

Video School

Capturing drone footage: tips for nighttime shoots at sea

If you find yourself on the high seas when the sun sets, these insights from a drone pro will serve as a terrific guide.

Lighting & Sound

Working with available light: 4 ways to get dazzling shots

Learn how to find and chase down the light, and you'll capture the shots you need while telling your story more purposefully.

Lighting & Sound

Light 'em up: Basic lights

Think it's time to step up your production value with some lights? Let us help you with some basic info about commonly used video lights.

Lighting & Sound

Lens flares

Lens flares can add a bit of, yes, flair, to your shots. Read on to learn how you can incorporate these bursts of beauty while shooting or in post-production.

Lighting & Sound

Gels and light diffusion

Properly diffused light with appropriate gels is one of the easiest ways to make your video look super slick and professional. Here's a quick overview.

Lighting & Sound

Lighting with a bounce

Looking for a simple, inexpensive way to spruce up your lighting? A bounce is a handy lighting tool used to attain even, natural looking light.

Lighting & Sound

Paper lantern lighting

Learn how to get great soft lighting for your shoot using just an everyday household object!

Lighting & Sound

Mastering I.S.O.

Knowing how to use I.S.O. properly can help you be a better filmmaker! This lesson will teach you what I.S.O. is and how to know which settings to use and even which ones to avoid.

Lighting & Sound

White Balance

Proper white balance is critical to properly capture the colors in your video image. Learn what is, why it's important, and how you can adjust it in this lesson.