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Best of the Month: From shoe cars to shady landlords

Looking for the best short films on the internet? These are the top 11 from the last month, as selected by our in-house curators.

Staff Picks

Staff Pick Premiere: Can a game kill a relationship?

In Michael Stahl-David's "We Win," a happy couple’s relationship unravels during a game of Mafia.

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Creator Stories

Sontenish Myers is reimagining the hero’s journey

Meet Sontenish Myers, the Caribbean-American filmmaker whose multi-genre work celebrates women of color — and casts them as heroes.

Staff Picks

Staff Pick Premiere: What can a satanic cult teach us about tolerance?

Teemu Niukkanen's "F*cking Bunnies" proves that loving thy neighbor is sometimes more complicated than it sounds.

Staff Picks

Staff Pick Premiere: The Utopian Inventor

Matthew Rankin's award-winning film about inventor Nikola Tesla's last days is as electrifying as the man himself.

Staff Picks

Staff Pick Premiere: Human import

In Ena Sendijarevic's, “Import," absurd situations arise when a Bosnian refugee family tries to make the Netherlands their new home.

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Best of Staff Picks: February 2019

For some reason, February has been a great month for Staff Picks every year. 2019's batch did not disappoint.


5 films that celebrate black artistry on Vimeo

From comedy to drama to a 360 fashion show, you won’t want to miss these breathtaking shorts made by black filmmakers on Vimeo.

Staff Picks

Staff Pick Premiere: The digital life of a Gen Z teen

"Pocket" is a year in the life of an American teenager, told entirely from the perspective of his iPhone.

Staff Picks

Staff Pick Premiere: Healthcare in Accident, MD

Now playing: Dan Rybicky's survey of attitudes about American healthcare, filmed in and around the small town of Accident, Maryland.

Staff Picks

Staff Pick Premiere: The universality of love

Réka Bucsi delivers a poignant and impressionistic ode to our most noble emotion in "LOVE."

Staff Picks

Best of Staff Picks: January 2019

Getting the best of everything is our 2019 #mood, and we’re starting with these 10 extraordinary Staff Picked videos.

Staff Picks

Staff Pick Premiere: When dance heals post-war scars

After serving as a Marine in Iraq, Román Baca turned an old passion into a source of healing for veterans suffering from PTSD.