Live Streaming

Live Q&A: A new tool for live event engagement

Live Q&A is a simple, effective way to get a conversation going with the people watching your live events.

Product News

Introducing a seamless way to share files

Securely and privately send video files — no matter what size — for your collaborators to download at the quality of their choosing.

Share your videos with the world.*

*Or just your team

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Product News

Present your work privately, free of distractions

The presentation tool gives you and your team a private, professional way to share and watch videos without notes, logos, or anything else on screen.

Product News

Get your audience involved, with live polls

Create interactive polls to ask the questions — and get the answers — that are important to you.

Product News

We now return to your regularly scheduled broadcast

We’re making it even easier for our regular live streamers to reach their audiences. Now you can live stream to the same viewing destination as many times as you like, all under one event name.

Product News

Vimeo review tools, now accessible through Dropbox

Vimeo and Dropbox are teaming up to let you seamlessly launch Vimeo review tools directly from the Dropbox platform.

Product News

Meet the new Slack integration, built for your team’s work

Now you can connect your Vimeo projects to your Slack channels, and get updates on team actions.

Product News

Publish to social, now for LinkedIn

Our publish to social feature now includes LinkedIn. Distribute your videos across your professional networks directly from Vimeo, with the click of a button.

Creator Stories

Get to know Vimeo Stock creator Amy Kawabata

In this Q&A, animator (and Vimeo Stock exclusive contributor) Amy Kawabata talks about how she got started, the importance of creative peers, and more.

Product News

Introducing a new kind of stock video

We wanted to make incredible stock video accessible to all creators. So we did.

Live Streaming

Now you can go live, right from your webcam

New updates make going live easier than ever: stream from your webcam (no encoder needed), and get more stats across channels.

Product News

Showcase your videos with playlists and customizable albums

Big news: now you can create a playlist of videos to embed anywhere, and customize the look and feel of your shareable albums.

Live Streaming

Powerful engagement and insights for your live events

Stats, better simulcasting, and more. Check out our exciting Vimeo Premium updates for our live streaming community.

Live Streaming

Stream like a pro with (free) live encoding software

Studio 5 creates even more value for your live streams. Now, Vimeo Premium members can access all of Studio's amazing features for free.