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Frame rate vs. shutter speed, setting the record straight

People often make the mistake of equating frame rate with shutter speed. Here are the differences and why they matter.


5 tips for making the best summer vacation video

Going on a trip? Document your travels — and all those precious memories — with our summer vacation video tips, designed with your viewers in mind.

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Shooting & Gear

10 types of camera shots

From mid-shots to close-ups there are so many camera shots to choose from. These 10 will help you capture your subject and vary your scene compositions.

Creator Stories

Explore the world of improv filmmaking with pro Brandon Li

Whether you're traveling or just have a chance encounter, Staff Picked creator Brandon Li's got tips on improv filmmaking.

Video School

Explore travel videos with filmmaking tips from the pros

The world is a book, and those who do not travel video read only one page.

Shooting & Gear

Mastering the art of ISO

Learn how you can use ISO to *expose* incredible images and achieve your story's goals.

Video School

Capturing drone footage: tips for nighttime shoots at sea

If you find yourself on the high seas when the sun sets, these insights from a drone pro will serve as a terrific guide.

Shooting & Gear

God's-eye view: when to use it and how it impacts your story

With a simple POV switch, you can give your viewers a taste of omniscience.

Shooting & Gear

Find the right camera for you

If you're just starting out, picking out a camera can be tricky. We get it! That's why we made this video overviewing five types.

Shooting & Gear

How to establish your shots and orient your audience

Do you know where you are? You"re in the jungle, baby! ...Right? I missed the establishing shot and now I"m confused.


We all make mistakes! Understand + reduce continuity errors

Most films are riddled with tiny mistakes known as continuity errors. Learn how to identify — and avoid! — these pesky things.

Shooting & Gear

Make a travel video straight from your phone with Cameo

Ditch the heavy gear and travel light with our mobile-editing app.

Shooting & Gear

How to be a ridiculously great D.P.

Master these five qualities, and you"ll be well-poised to create an amazing film.


Make a video resume people actually want to watch, pt. 1

I"ve joined forces with Skillshare to show you how to make a video resume that feels like you (and not like boring resume stuff).