Storytelling through interactive video

Tell stories in a non-linear way with interactive videos!

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Spice up your stills with photoscapes

In this Video School lesson, we encourage you to use fresh and interesting ways to present still photos and archival material in your films.

Share your videos with the world.*

*Or just your team

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Coverage & cutaways

Prepare your editor with choices in the cutting room by capturing enough coverage and cutaways during your shoot!

Shooting & Gear

Ten tips for shooting handheld

Ten handy tips to shooting handsome, handheld footage.


McLaren's workshop app

Bring animation ideas to life with the National Film Board of Canada's awesome iPad app.

Shooting & Gear

Shooting an interview

Itching to try an on-camera interview with an intriguing subject but not sure where to start? Come along friends, we'll show you how it's done.


Using teasers & trailers to build your audience

Your moving picture masterpiece is done, congrats! Now let's see that trailer. No trailer or teaser yet? Learn how to craft one in this lesson!


Three tricks for your impossibly small film crew

As long as you have a camera, a friend, and an idea, you can make your movie!


Understanding jump cuts

What are jump cuts? When should you use them? When should you avoid them? Jump into this lesson to find out.

Shooting & Gear

Capturing winter sports with action cams

Learn how to get the best shots from your wearable action cameras with tips from the pros!

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How to make a non-profit promo video

Learn how to make a captivating video for your non-profit organization.

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How to cook up a recipe video

For inspiration on turning your favorite recipe into video form, we"ll break down a few examples into the essential ingredients.

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The year in tech: Reflections & predictions

Join some of Vimeo's foremost gear experts as they look back on the year's technology and what's in store for the new year.

Shooting & Gear

Six tips for shooting great holiday videos

Six tips that will turn your holiday video into a masterpiece!