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Blue Fiddles, is a new web series written by actress Nena Botto. It's the story of three women searching for meaning amongst the day to day grind living in Portland, Oregon. The theme is a mix of comedy and drama that aims to be glamorous through honesty- women who have scars from life experiences not numerous Botox sessions. The characters are complex in their demeanor and wonderfully flawed in their intentions.
The heroine of the story is Lisa (Nena Botto), who has recently had her heart broken after her husband left her for a man. The dissolution of her marriage has forced her to question every little thing she once thought was structurally sound in her life. While waiting to see her therapist she meets two fellow patients, Sam and Bree, and strikes up a friendship. Sam (Alisyn Shaw) is a disgruntled soul who hitched hiked her way into Portland. She cleans houses to pay the bills while balancing a stable relationship with a not so stable guy. Bree (Belinda Schramm) is a bohemian waitress trying to avoid the ridiculous advances of her boss, whilst expressing her relationship angst through poetry. Lisa is comically overambitious, Sam is cynically reluctant, and Bree is staving off despair- each gaining support from the other.
These are just some of the vibrant and quirky characters that inhabit the world as it exists in Blue Fiddles.

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