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  1. Rockhouse Motion

    Rockhouse Motion PRO Worldwide


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    Rockhouse Motion is an elite task force, armed with a plethora of overpriced camera gear, a senary of overactive imaginations, and a well-worn thesaurus. Battle hardened from the flash and burn of tungstens and LEDs, this team of advertising assassins stand at the ready to respond to any and all threats…

  2. FlyCastaway

    FlyCastaway Plus South Africa


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    FlyCastaway specializes in guiding groups of dedicated anglers to various exotic destinations in Africa and the Indian & Atlantic Ocean Islands around the continent. With almost 200 years of fly fishing and guiding experience behind them the FlyCastaway team have been responsible for "opening…

  3. The Fly Fishing Guide Directory
  4. Júlio Gouveia-Carvalho

    Júlio Gouveia-Carvalho Lisboa, Portugal


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    Freelance cinematographer For information, please contact me at: juliocarvalho@sapo.pt Previous projects: PORTUGAL (Music videos) Pablo Lapidusas http://www.pablolapidusas.com http://www.ekayaproductions.com The Codfish Band https://pt-pt.facebook.com/the.codfish.band Miguel Maat http://www.miguelmaat.net BRASIL Nextmidia…

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