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Founded by Sunny Sadruddin with his wife Naureen Jamal, Blunoo Animation provides one stop solution with superior quality animation and visual effects for all types of projects, spanning the mediums of film, television, internet, games, architectural visualization and commercials. With a dynamic and multi-talented team we inject life and originality into our work. We cover the full spectrum of digital media including everything from Animation to Film to Web to Apps. And we love to do it, well passionately.

The team at Blunoo Animation is well versed in all aspects of animation production, from visual development and story boarding, to character animation, effects and post-production.

Blunoo Animation prides itself on their ability to collaborate with any filmmaker or advertising agencies to develop and execute the look and style of contents/apps that best suits their needs.

Services we offer:

Content Development
Creative Consultation
Concept Arts
Motion Graphics
3D Animation
3D modeling
2D/3D character Design
Digital Compositing
Color Grading
Storyboard Visualization
Pre Visualization
Architecture Visualization
Non-Linear editing
Social Media Development and Marketing

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