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As our name suggests, we are creatively insane filmmakers from sunny Barking, who simply love films and our production company is born out of this love.

In the digital era where everyone has a camera of some sort, the man with the idea is king. This is what underlies the madness behind our creative work. Nothing excites us more than to engage and entertain an audience and to see them react to every beautifully crafted moment in ways that we could have never imagined. Whether it is a film, music video or a commercial, we make it because there is a story to be told and its our job to find the most effective way to tell it!

Our mission is to use the beautiful medium that is film to tell you stories that will make you smile…that will make you cry…. make you think and make you come back for more!

In between making films, there are always periods where we sit in a dark room, scratching our heads – thinking of our next masterpiece. So we thought why not put this overflow of creative juices to good use and try our hands at other projects such as music videos, commercials, and innovative new web content.

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