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Boa Technology (or the idea of Boa) was born in 1998 by Gary Hammerslag when he took up snowboarding. He couldn't stand pulling so hard on the laces and the imprecise fit that too often resulted. He thought there had to be something better.

There was indeed something better -- much, much better. The Boa Closure System. Gary melded his extensive background in medical catheters with his passion for and understanding of the outdoors, and built the first prototypes of a dial-based closure system that would first appear on snowboard boots in 2001.

Since that time, Boa Technology has grown from the shared idea of a few visionaries crammed into a small office space on Lincoln Avenue in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to a multi-national company based in Denver, Colorado.

Today, nearly six million pairs of footwerar with Boa Closure Systems walk, bike, hike, run, or ride the planet. That number includes some of the most accomplished, elite athletes, who have joined the Boa revolution and enjoyed huge success with the precise fit and comfort their footwear delivers.

These athletes all agree that the shoelace isn't dead ...
It's merely obsolete.

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