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Harlem, USA

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NYC native and world-renowned DJ Bobbito Garcia is the co-founder of Bounce Magazine and critically acclaimed author of WHERE'D YOU GET THOSE? NEW YORK CITY'S SNEAKER CULTURE: 1960-1987 (Testify Books). In recent years, “Kool Bob Love” has done sideline reporting for the NY Knicks on MSG Network, voiced NBA 2K video games, and has hosted ESPN2’s "It’s the Shoes" series. In 2007, he designed seven signature Nike Air Force 1 25th Anniversary sneakers. Currently, he is the play-by-play announcer for the Boost Mobile Elite 24 Game on ESPNU, the Red Bull King of the Rock Championship on CBS Sports, and the Converse Band of Ballers on MTV2. He is also co-directing, along with Kevin Couliau, the documentary DOIN' IT IN THE PARK: PICK-UP BASKETBALL, NYC (, due 2012), and touring the world spinning records at various sponsored events for Red Bull, Brand Jordan, and Foot Locker, among others.



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