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Bobby Hommel, 28 year old CG artist, animator and photographer, continues to develop his creative vision with unique and innovative ideas through his innate creative style. As a kid growing up in a Lake community in Southern California, action sports, art and video games sparked his interest in Filmmaking and animation. His love for action sports grew alongside his progression in wakeboarding, snowboarding and skating.

By the time he started high school his dad bought him his first professional video camera. He soon began creating action sports videos of his own, similar to the videos that inspired him early on. Bobby soon took notice of his natural eye to capture the world around him. After dedicating most of his after school free-time to filming, editing and learning 3D, he quickly realized his hobbies had turned into his passion. He had found his path and chose to dedicate himself to learning and perfecting his skills from that point on.

Bobby shared his interests for film and animation with fellow friend and classmate Andrew Kramer. They began working together on several projects throughout high school. After graduating in 2004 he furthered his education in media arts and animation at Mount San Jacinto Junior College, where he also pursued other interests in art and photography. Shortly after graduating, Andrew started the website, where Bobby now works as a Lead Animator and Motion Graphics Artist.

In 2006 Bobby established Forever One Productions, and its success quickly grew. The company consists of a small team of talented artists, each with their own unique styles and skill-sets. Bobby leads the team, fusing their collaborative skill-sets in order to become a one-stop shop for quality visual services. The company has worked with a variety of clients such as X Games, Scion, Monster Energy, Lost, and Neverland Productions to name a few. Projects have ranged from full-length action sports films to corporate marketing videos.

Recent opportunities have led to visual effects work on Nadia Ali’s music video "Pressure” and producing original content for Paul Oakenfold’s Planet Perfecto World Tour. His creative work for the tour helped Shoot to Kill Media earn an award for “Best in Category” for “CGI Effects” at the 2011 Horizon Interactive Awards.

Apart from Forever One Productions, Bobby has continued to work as a freelance visual effects artist, 3D animator, compositor, editor, and cinematographer for various studios such as Bad Robot, E3D Media, Alpha Zed Studios and Clutch Films. Teaming up with Andrew Kramer, Bobby also worked on the animated credit sequence for the 2008 film Star Trek, as well as over 100 visual effects shots for the 2011 film Super 8, directed by JJ Abrams.

In addition, Bobby’s credits include work on movies, TV shows, short films, commercials, music videos and a vast number of animation and video projects. His passion continues to grow alongside his success as he strives to learn and master new skills, expanding his knowledge in a variety of different mediums. His new found interests for landscape and panoramic photography is yet another art form he looks to master and add to his arsenal of skills. He looks to the future with that same vision and passion, to create stunning imagery that he hopes will inspire others.


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