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Producer / Director / Shooter / Editor / Relentless Creative / Creator of Sonic & Visual elements digital or broadcast

Broadcast Production, Music Production, Event Production, Interactive Application Development, Nightlife Culture and Social Media.

I've been in the Broadcast Industry for 20+ years and the Entertainment & Nightlife Industry for 22 Years. I've Produced, Edited, and worked on TV Shows that have aired nationally, I've played music over the airwaves to Hundreds of thousands of people on a weekly basis, I've served as Audio Director for The Kansas City Royals and the 2014 World Series - That being said...I love all things creative.

Creativity is the end product...I've been a relentless student of the tools. I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the best talent in the market, which allows me to understand and appreciate the creative workflow. I am surrounded by a team creative gymnasts, agile in all aspects of digital and broadcast media.

Here are a few cool projects I've recently Produced / Directed / Edited:

• Served as Audio Director for Kansas City Royals, as well as the 2014 World Series

• Video for one of the largest touch-screen, smart-glass, walls in North America. Resolution is 5260 x 1080 w/ 5.1 surround sound mix

• Video Game (web and IOS App) for the Largest Urban Based Website in the world.

• Open & In-Game Content Content for several Professional Sporting Teams

• Interactive Tour & Video Content for a Major League Baseball team

• TV Show for a new Reality Based Competition

• Live MMA Broadcast Event at the University of Miami

• Promotional Material for Broadcast for a women's professional MMA fight league.

A few clients Ive worked with over the last few years:

• Kansas City Royals
• Dallas Cowboys
• San Antonio Spurs
• Charlotte Hornets
• Cincinnati Reds
• Padres
• SF Giants
• Kansas City Chiefs
• Washington Nationals
• Denver Broncos
• Texas Rangers
• Cerner
• National Republican Party
• Peoples Bank
• Commerce Bank
• Fishnet Security
• World Star Hip Hop
• Invicta FC MMA
• Warrior One MMA
• Miami Marlins
• Oakland A's
• Tampa Bay Rays
• Sprint
• Nascar
• Atlanta Braves

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