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English born acclaimed filmmaker and action sports director Bobby Razak, is known for his always stunning and innovative conceptualization tempered with authenticity. Razak, who grew up in Tottenham, London, was always fascinated by the stories of the people who surrounded him, and by the movies, like “Spartacus” and “Enter the Dragon,” that captured his imagination as a boy. Energized by his interest in the art of cinema, his passions would ultimately transport him to Los Angeles in pursuit of his goal to become a filmmaker.

With over 150 commercials to his credit, Razak has also directed and or produced over 12 full length features and shorts films. Some of these are “The Striking Truth,” “Fallen Solider,” “Sangre Nueva,” and “The History of MMA”. He has been featured in Sundance and the Berlin Film Festival, and On Demand for his acclaimed film “Right of Passage.”

He continues to direct commercials for national and global brands including TapOut, Dethrone, BadBoy Apparel, WearHead, Metro PCS, and Hayabusa.

Continuing his list of credits, Razak was a Creative for Spike TV, and created the show opener for Bellator, the number two MMA organization in America

His most recently completed project is the feature film “Mask,” on the life and death of Tapout founder Charles Mask Lewis.

Other current projects include :
History of ADCC movie.
History of Submission Fighting 
Television show in pre-production.

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  1. juraj commented on Mask
    WOW what a ART!!! There is just one question that is going through my mind. Would be Mask proud or disappointed by modern MMA culture ?