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Every company with a difference has its special story. Our name comes from the owner’s son, Bo, who at 2 decided to rename himself, Bobizzo. Standing out from the crowd is our company mission. Our company name stands as a tribute to Bo, unique thinking, creative minds and those who dare to be different, everywhere.

Dynamic. Unique. Unexpected. Original. We’re here to help you make the most of your music with headphones designed to color your world and rock your sounds.

Launched in 2007, is now one of the largest headphone companies in the US, with a reputation for being “the” place to get hard-to-find and limited edition headphones. Here, you’ll find nearly every kind of popular premium fashion headphone - from snowboarder to DJ to Wall Street favorites, including the largest WeSC headphone inventory anywhere!

Designed with the ultimate customer service in mind, our mission is to blow you away with the best shopping experience anywhere.

Unlike other online stores, every one of the hundreds of different headphones listed is currently in stock.

You see it; it’s yours.

If it’s on our site, it’s on our shelves and ready to ship to your door. Your headphones will be on their way within 8 hours of ordering - 24 hours a day, every day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas! Off our shelf and on your head usually within 2-3 business days (7-11 business days, if ordering outside the US).

What you’ll discover at is a unique fashion headphone source for all your music needs. High quality. Lightning fast shipping. A company with a good business sense, an ear for quality audio and an eye for style.

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