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Broadcaster: Announcer, Narrator, Newsman, Disc Jockey, Program Director, General Manager, TV Producer, Training Manager. Some Radio Stations: WCRB, WWTC, KBOX, WIL, KYA, KYW, WERE.
National Program Director, Westinghouse Broadcasting (Group W). 1966
General Manager KYW All News, Philadelphia 1967
Created national music TV in 1970.
WikiPedia: All About The Now Explosion

I hold a BS in Speech and Dramatic Arts from Syracuse University (1955) and a Masters Degree in Education (Instructional Design) from San Francisco State University (1978). I taught undergraduate level courses at SF State University (School of Broadcast Communication Arts) for three years and was a member of the adjunct faculty of San Mateo Community College where I taught multimedia subjects (principally Macromedia Director) in 2000. I hold a California Community College Lifetime Teaching Credential.
Television Production Supervisor for University of California, San Francisco Medical Center 1975-1979 in charge of all production of medical seminars distributed by microwave to Bay Area hospitals and by videotape worldwide.
Training Manager, Macromedia,1991 to 1999.Wrote and delivered instruction for Macromedia Director. Set up training centers, hired and supervised training personel. Presently reside in Nevada City, CA, in the Sierra Foothills. When people ask, I tell them I'm retired. But the truth is I just don't get paid anymore. I make videos for schools and the local public access station. I have taught classes in video editing at the station. I've made videos for the League of Women Voters and put them on TV. I design websites and I've uploaded more than 150 public service programs to the web. I take lots of pictures and video about things I like.
Where I grew up
Newton, MA
Places I've lived
Orlando, Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis, San Francisco, Reno, San Mateo, Foster City, Dallas
Companies I've worked for
University of CA Med Ctr San Francisco, Macromedia, Westinghouse Broadcasting (Group W) and lots of radio stations in a previous lifetime.
Schools I've attended
Newton (MA) High School, Univ of New Hampshire, Syracuse Univ (BS Dramatic Arts), San Francisco State Univ (MA) Educational Technology
Other names
Bob Whitney

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