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Hailing from Central African Republic (C.A.R.), Boddhi Satva vowed early in his career to make a statement through a signature sound of his own. Ancestral Soul was born. Boddhi Satva subsequently became a demanded remixer as Ancestral Soul versions of mainstream tracks won over club audiences across the globe, in addition to recognition from connoisseurs and tastemakers. 2012 sees the release of the debut album INVOCATION on Vega records, the label of Grammy award winning producer Little Louie Vega. The latter hand-picked Boddhi in 2008 to be an elite producer for Vega Records and a resident of Vega DJ tours. Invocation confirms the premium place that BS established for himself in the house music industry. It is an ode to the ritual dimension and the spiritual power of music. It is a kaleidoscope that reflects the layers, nuances, colours, impressions and transformations that one experiences in life.The song Ngnari Konon featuring Oumou Sangare, Mali greatest diva, gives a clear idea of where Boddhi Satva is taking audiences: generous and extravagant music that tells real life stories and makes people give their whole self to code-stripped styles of dance ritualistic, erotic, ecstatic, jubilant.

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  • Offering Recordings - Boddhi Satva started Offering Recordings in 2007. It's home to Ancestral Soul and a platform releasing the essence of humanity by bridging the gap between entertainment and trend setting innovations in music & arts.


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