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i am writing screenplays, now working on two long ones for movies, and a novel

(for you i will do concepts, screenplays (shooting scripts) for short films as well ;) though...just ask me!)

i am here to learn from the great, wonderful artists!

i am collecting and mixing music, you can ask me if you are looking for some suitable tune or anything, i am also interested in editing and more....all those make sense for me somehow.....

dont miss my channel: ;)

and my albums:

(as for collecting, 1000 times that much can you expect from me soon...and some projects you might be interested in ;) )

always happy to be messaged, like California, North-Italy.....

as i am into forests, i am looking for contacts at those locations, i might be interested to buy some chunks of land or join wonderful people like you or communities

call me to dj at your club

skype: TheProvokingCherryTree

adam silvester gellertberger


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