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  1. 01:38:48

    Australian Constitution

    by Gemini 64

    16 Videos

    This album contains 16 small movies about the Australian Constitution and other relevant Acts of the Australian Parliament pertaining to Australia's constitutionality. It also contains two panoramic…

  2. 02:39:04

    Regal & Vice-Regal

    by Gemini 64

    3 Videos

    Various movies relating to Regal and Vice-Regal matters.

  3. 02:05:16

    Military - RAAF - 5SQN

    by Gemini 64

    4 Videos

    These movies are associated with Number 5 Squadron RAAF which was based at RAAF Base Fairbairn, Canberra ACT.

  4. 21:26


    by Gemini 64

    2 Videos

    Movies of various events

  5. 04:51:59


    by Gemini 64

    7 Videos

    Various documentary movies

  6. 10:57:25

    Military - General

    by Gemini 64

    20 Videos

    Movies in this album are of military in nature and include all military style movies on this site.

  7. 46:24

    Short Movies

    by Gemini 64

    7 Videos

    Movies of around 5-15 minutes in length

  8. 04:48:40

    Military - Peacekeeping - MFO

    by Gemini 64

    10 Videos

    Movies in this album involve operations with the Multi National Force and Observers (MFO) in the Sinai, Egypt.

  9. 02:38:16

    Military - Peacekeeping - UNEF

    by Gemini 64

    5 Videos

    Movies in this album involve operations in the Sinai, Egypt with UNEF 2 based in Ismailia, Egypt.

  10. 03:23:39

    Military - War - Vietnam

    by Gemini 64

    5 Videos

    Various movies relation to the Vietnam War.

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