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  1. American Rebel Pr

    3 videos

    http://www.americanrebelpr.com/ American Rebel PR is a full-service public relations, marketing, branding, and events firm. American Rebel PR has become one of the most in-demand firms in Hollywood because of its distinctive and pioneering expertise in the fashion and lifestyle arenas, providing an…

  2. Boijon Media

    25 videos

    Boijon Media is a collective of collaborative artists dedicated towards exposing and recognizing creative projects. As a company that promotes synergy in expressive mediums, Boijon Media is a place for creative artists from diverse fields to unify in a single locality where users/people/visitors/readers/enthusiasts/whatever…

  3. The Perspectacle

    39 videos

    The community of Boijon is seen as a collective of many diverse fields in art and business.

  4. Boijon Premier Media Services

    13 videos

    Boijon Premier Media Services is a Multimedia Production Company offering resources to produce and distribute independent features and other media privately or publicly. Founded in 2008 by Multimedia Artist (Producer | Director) Benjamin Magrdichian, B.P. Media Services is made up of professionals who…

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