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The Bolos Quentes design studio was founded by four creatives graduated in Communication Design by the Fine Arts Academy of Porto, Portugal. Since its foundation in 2003 (by Albino José Tavares, Duarte Amorim, Miguel Marinheiro and Sérgio Couto) we developed several projects in diversified areas, from cultural and artistic projects to large scale institutions and companies’ products, as well as non-profitable organization’s public-specific oriented works. Nowadays Bolos Quentes are Duarte Amorim and Sérgio Couto.

Our main mediums of communication are the printed material, video, web and public event conception and organization. The choice of the medium(s) is a result of the balance between the formal and conceptual options that characterize and make the final unity of an idea real.

We believe in form as we believe in content. We believe in images as we belive in words. But most of all we believe in the balance between form and content, and images and words.

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