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Stabba is a Madrid Born-And-Raised Dj and Selector. His influences come from very different places, since Early and Nowadays Dancehall to 90's Hip Hop to any form of Reggae music. This influences have made the style of this character so raw, dutty and dark as you'll see...

Feel free to come to di hard, dusty and grimey concrete world of stabba, you'll never regret it...This is guerrilla music, di ost fi di future rising !!!

Don't forget to catch this pon twitta to be warned of the next attacks...FUEGO


  1. Paul John
  2. Montana Colors
  4. OctobersVeryOwn
  5. skyjuk
  6. Kuley
  7. Fuete Billete
  8. Esther Seems
  9. Writers Madrid TV
  10. South Side Films
  11. Causeineed
  12. Subway Vacation
  13. Decon
  14. flying lotus
  16. Ninja Tune
  17. Warp Records
  18. Harlems

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