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User Bio is a creative house whose firm commitment is to collaborate, influence and strategize new approaches to creative solutions with our partners in the advertising, marketing and new media industries.

SO… I know it sounds corporate and even though we do believe this, it’s not how we talk around the shop. We are a group of specialized artists: editors, motion graphic artists, sound designers and composers who all reside under one roof to collaborate on your projects. We like the “band model” of collaboration; you bring the script or creative brief, just like the song, and we jam with you to come up with alternative ideas to your concepts until we have something that surprises and inspires all who are collaborating. We don’t give up until all are satisfied, but most importantly…You!!

This is how we do it!

We meet with you to determine your target audience. We research and explore alternative approaches to amaze and excite. We bring the teams together to find the best way for you to approach your idea. When we start your production, you see that all of the teams of artists are involved to help the others produce their ideas. When the motion graphics artist is trying to convey a visual idea, he can get sound design direction or music ideas put into motion to get the best results for his presentation to you. The same goes with the edit, the music project, viral or web video. These distribution needs are just that, ways to distribute the media. They do not dictate the creative, they only direct how much time we have to present the idea. Sometimes it is a 30-second spot, a one hour documentary, or a five second burst for the web. Time and the audience we are talking to is what speaks to us and inspires our work.

Working remotely for you

Our infrastructure is designed to offer up many ways to involve you remotely. No matter where you are, from your office, hotel, vacation bungalow (we’ll only be a little jealous) or any place you can receive an internet connection, we can bring you to the session. We can connect you with the edit while it’s happening or offer up many forms of large or small approval media for you and your clients. With our specialized compression schemes, we can upload to you or have you download files at a much faster and compact mode imaginable than in the past.


Our editorial team is a mercurial mix of A-List freelancers from SF, LA and NY combined with staff editors. We bring in the editor that fits the objectives of the job rather than having a “Bongo Brand” style forced on the client. Our editors have worked on the largest campaigns in the world to mid level projects, corporate videos, documentaries and of course a gazillion spots. As in all of our departments we implore our clients to include our editors in the planning process before the shoot to get their take on any shoot needs for editorial or VFX needs. Our editors are the team leaders in helping coordinate creatively with the Agencies Creatives to deliver, inspire and always re-Think the obvious.


Our Sound Design team is comprised of music engineering professionals. This has always been a Bongo prerequisite for audio editors. By virtue of working with “multiple tracks of music,” an audio editor is able to cull the many tracks of SFX, Sound Design, Dialog and Music Edits in the same way to come together with a mix that is virtually music to your ears.

ISDN Sessions and you

Our ISDN capabilities are famous. We can hook you and a voice talent (or two or 3) from different locations or studios. We can even connect you via a phone patch to listen into the session remotely. We can access thousands upon thousands of VO talent options: Everyday people, Narrators, Character, Ethnic, European (authentic from the UK or elsewhere) Urban, etc. We can connect your budget to the best talent possible either Union or non-Union.


Our Animation / Motion Graphics/Design artists are comprised of individuals who offer not only solutions, but new ways of approaching a brand campaign. The team is motivated to partner with the client from the pre-visualization realm through to finish. By taking part in the early planning process, we can offer solutions that will streamline and be cost efficient to the whole campaign. We offer the full spectrum of motion design including, Animation, 3D, HD Finish and much more.


Music is our lifeblood and where we got our start. We have composers versed in Alternative forms of all music along with orchestral film chops, straight ahead jazz and world music that encompasses all forms.

Our composers stretch across the US and beyond. Our artists bring experience as Major recording artists, producers and studio musicians that have amassed multiple platinum recordings to major film experience as composers of records for the world’s largest film projects.


We also have an extensive Music Licensing Group that has hundreds of composers throughout the US, Europe & South America to offer up a wide range of opportunities and choices for any campaign no matter the budget. We have licensed for Virgin, Disney, Hollywod Pictures, NFL, California Tourism, California Speedway, Sutter Health to name a few.


NFL, CTTC California Tourism, Hyundai, DOJ Department of Justice, CalPERS, Department of Energy, NBC, Entertainment Tonight, LTVA Lake Tahoe Visitors Association, Macy's, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Caltrans, CCPOA, Olympics 2004, Super Bowl 2009, NFL Pro Bowl 2009,, NFL Broadcast, NFL Mobile Live, Sutter Health, Wausau Insurance, BelAir, INTEL, Lucky, Amtrak, Disney, SavMart, California State Fair, Waterworld, Hawaii Governor, IMAX, CBS, ABC, The Grammy's, NARAS, Mercy Hospitals, CHW Catholic Healthcare West, CalSTRS, Ogilvy Worldwide, Hal Riney, DDB Needham, Fallon McElligott, DRGM, Burson-Marsteller,Glass McClure, Mering Carson, RSE Runyon Saltzman and Einhorn, Astone Crocker Flanagan, Edelman, Fresh Air, Terry Gross, NPR, PBS, AT&T, SureWest, Pacific Power, Pebble Beach, San Diego, Motion Theory, Ultimate Fitness, Getty Images, Speedway Meadows, Arden Fair, Jimboys, Jakks Pacific, WWF, Cal Wellness, LA County Water Pollution, CHP, Office of Traffic Safety OTS, San Jose Earthquakes, Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, Sacramento Rivercats, MLK Martin Luther King, Prop 4, Prop 8, Ross Communications, Richie Ross, Chicago Mercantile CME, Wirestone, Union Editorial, Lime Studios, Radium, Sacramento Bee, New York Times, Barcellona Communications, Merlot Marketing, Wallrich Landi, Boomtown, Chukchansi, SKG Las Vegas, Schadler Kramer Group, Shonkwiler Marcoux, Rose Glenn, DRGM



ProTools HD3, (Xmon, 192, Sync boxes)
Digidesign D Command
Mac Intel G5 OS 10.5.4
Eventide H3000SE Ultra-Harmonizer
Aphex Compellor 320
Urei 1176 Blackface

Millenia Media Pre-Amps x 8,
Millenia Media EQ's
Millenia Media Compression
Barefoot Micro Main 27 Monitors
Optimus Monitors
Aphex Systems Studio Dominator
Simon Systems pre amps
Carver Amplifier
DAT Deck
Sony Bravia Television
X-Box 360

Many to choose from and many more available


ProTools HD3, (Xmon, 192, Sync boxes)
Digidesign D Command
Mac Intel G5 OS 10.5.4
Waves Mercury (every plug-in Waves makes)
Millenia Media Pre-Amps, EQ's & Compression
Millenia Media Pre-Amps x 8
Rane EQ
Mackie Monitors
Yamaha NS10
88 key weighted keyboard

Copyrights, licenses and intellectual properties are held by Bongo Post for its clients and brands displayed. All creative properties including Original Music, Design, Motion Graphics and Sound Design are the property of Bongo Post and cannot be used except by written permission of Bob Smith, CEO Bongo Post & Music. Any infringement will be subject to the penalties described by copyright law held by federal, state and city ordinances.

To reproduce the copyrighted work in any form, including but not limited to: printed copies, digital files, recordings, tapes, CDs, videos, motion pictures, or any duplicating process which later comes into being is a violation of intellectual property laws estabished by US Federal Courts, Copyright Laws, State of California and all relevent bodies of law.
This violation is also applied to the following acts or performances;
To make arrangements and adaptations of the copyrighted work.
To distribute and/or sell printed or recorded copies of the work.
To synchronize the copyrighted work with visual images: video or film.
To perform the copyrighted work.
To display the copyrighted work on websites, servers, internet usage and all forms of use or to license others to do any of the above is a violation of copyright laws and will be punished to the full extent of the law and violators will endure all legal cost that are incured to prosecute offenders.

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