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Greater Detroit, Michigan USA

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Hi. My name is Bonnie Taube. I am a communications professional seeking new employment in the greater Detroit area.

I have an English degree from Syracuse University AND over 15 years experience in marketing and communications. One of my greatest successes was founding an award-winning magazine, which was sold to a $40 million dollar newspaper company.

As a publishing and advertising executive, I wrote impactful web content…media articles…and sales-driving collateral. I built solid media and client relationships. AND, generated over 400,000 dollars in annual advertising revenue while managing operations.

I LOVE social media marketing and blogging.

As an expert listener, I will understand YOUR vision…help shape YOUR message…and reach YOUR targeted audience.

If you want to grow and expand your organization, put me, Bonnie Taube, on your communications team!

Best Regards,


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