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Turi Finocchiaro - After completing film studies on the artistic level (France) and technical level (Belgium) and becoming familiar with the landscape in several European countries, I decided to go into the field of audiovisual production with an initial foray into fiction films (Italy), followed by documentaries (Belgium). From 1993 onwards, I worked for a number of production companies in the field of project development and financing applications for European programmes (Media, Eurimages). This led me to found E.F.C. in Rome in 1996 devoted exclusively to project development. In 1998, I went on to create Impronte Digitali in Rome, an independent production company devoted to short films and creative documentaries. I returned to Belgium in 2004 and directed several films with Nathalie Rossetti and together, along with Amel Bouzid, we founded Borak Films in 2009.

Nathalie Rossetti - After studying at the DAMS University in Bologna and the Orazio Costa theatre school in Florence (Italy), I have been working since 1991 in the audiovisual sector as a scriptwriter and music consultant for film directors and producers. Early on, I became extremely committed to writing short stories, and have since received awards for several of my stories. In addition to scriptwriting short films, I worked as a co-author on the script for four other fiction feature films, including ‘Le Nain Rouge’ by Yvan Le Moine (Quinzaine des Réalisateurs – Cannes 1998). As of 2000, I decided to give priority to directing my own documentaries. I am particularly interested in the subjects of art, anthropology and justice.

Amel Bouzid - Originally from Tunisia, Belgium has become my country of adoption. I have spent the last two years honing my professional experience working as a Production Assistant in Belgium with Olivier Dubois, a Producer with Novak Prod, as well as in Tunisia for the shooting of a number of films in the capacity of 1st and 2nd Assistant to the Director, Assistant to the Producer and Director of Production, including for co-productions with Italy. This experience has given me a comprehensive view of the responsibilities involved in the film production chain. My studies in 2007 at IAD (Belgium) leading to a diploma in audiovisual production, allowed me to acquire the legal, financial and creative knowledge required to work as a film producer and spurred the creation of Borak Films.

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