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Border Free Travels is a wanderlust website and creative agency.

Border Free Travels Wanderlust Website is a full of nature, adventure and always a little luxury. We're here to inspire you to explore more.

Border Free Travels Creative Agency works with brands big and small around the globe telling stories through captivating digital content production. We create visually transformative thought provoking film, photography and media campaigns connecting client to consumer. Work With Us!
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About the Founder:
Explorer and filmmaker, Kristen Kellogg has a unique eye and flair for capturing the feel of a place which is immediately recognizable throughout her lifestyle films for fashion, tourism, real estate brands and more. Her experience working in restaurants and fashion P.R. and marketing campaigns primed her for outfitting films with exquisite attention to detail and staging. Travel trend spotter and dubbed the ‘ideas queen’ by her many clients and friends, Kristen is a digital influencer with a jump start on what's next.

Rugged to refined, Kristen explores all aspects of travel and is currently pioneering the use of patented innovative technology to create interactive travel films launching in spring 2015. She is from Southern Illinois, she calls Nantucket Island home, and she’s always searching for her next harbor.

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