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Hi everyone, how´s it going? I´m an EFL teacher from Spain who has being lucky enough to have travelled quite a bit, someone who has barely spent several weeks in places like Morocco, Sri Lanka, most of Western European countries... but who has also lived and, has either studied or taught ,in Spain, UK, US and India.
My first trip to India was in 2009, I had the great opportunity of spending most of the six weeks sharing and living with those staying at the orphanages, boarding schools, houses for the elder, hospitals... of the poorest and remotest areas of the southern states.
Since then, after six more and longer trips, I´ve been trying to help them out by showing all we can LEARN from them.
So, I created PROART PROJECTS, a platform with many goals: helping those in need in India, learning from them really valuable lectures about life, sharing knowledge and wisdom between children from different cultures...

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