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BORN is a very expressive and dynamic piano trio around pianist Born Sanders, drummer Peter Weissink and bass player Bart Soeters. BORN’s surprisingly direct compositions are catchy from grooving to melancholy. Each concert of BORN is an impulsive quest for the ultimate musical freedom. In rapid dialogues the musicians force each other to the limit, keeping their audience on the edge of their seats.

After years of gaining experience as session musicians with appreciated artists including Kaz Lux, Josee Koning and Geert Chatrou Izaline Calister, the trio joined forces. Immediately after its formation in January 2011, they recorded EP “Impulsive Touch” at the Fattoria Musica studio in Osnabrück (D).

2011 and 2012 the band was mainly performing at many locations and festivals including Kurhaus Scheveningen, Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, de Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam, Jazz festival Laren, Breda Jazz festival, Meerjazz Festival Hoofddorp. They also performed during the premiere of the Dutch movie “Gooische Vrouwen” next to Alain Clark at the DeLamar Theater in Amsterdam. BORN also performed abroad including Poland, Germany, Belgium and France.

Exactly two years later on the 10th of January 2013 BORN recorded their second EP “Refined” in the Power Sound Studio in Amsterdam. This EP will officially be released on April 30th 2013. A very pleasant coincidence is that the release will go together with the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander, our new Dutch king. A great moment and time to release our new EP! A mini-Europe tour is scheduled for the summer of 2013. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and check out the website for more details about BORN.


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