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Daniel Bérubé is founder of Boston Creative Pro User Group (BOSCPUG), a story driven community of globally connected collaborative digital filmmakers and broadcast professionals focusing on the craft of visual storytelling not only to show How but to share Aesthetics and related tools for digital cinema and distribution. Dan co-produces the famous “SuperMeets” held annually in San Francisco, Austin, Las Vegas, Boston, London and Amsterdam. SuperMeets are large scale gatherings of digital media makers from the world over that provide the post production and broadcast community an opportunity to not only learn about the latest technology trends, but to connect with each other to discuss experiences and opportunities within the industry in a social setting that is both educational and fun.

Dan is world traveled with more than two decades of production and editing credits on public and network television. Dan’s editing roots began on a splicing block and a Steenbeck at Emerson College, where he studied Film. As President of Emerson’s Experimental Film and Animation Society (EEFAS), Dan actively funded student filmmakers and showcased their work in the EEFAS Film Festivals and Emerson Film Showcases, a foreshadowing of his role in today's digital filmmaker community. Dan's first nonlinear experience happened on Avid Media Composer while working with Emerson graduate friends. Dan cut half-hour and hour-long broadcast documentaries for years on the Media 100 until Final Cut Pro arrived. Now, Dan is quite happy now with Apple, Avid and Adobe as part of his editing palette.

noisybrain. Productions is Dan's creative vehicle, a Boston-based collaborative with brother Donald Bérubé in which Dan is Producer and Editor. Dynamic thinking and collaboration are two elements that fuel Dan’s passion and in sharing like-minded vision in building community. Dan specializes in negotiation, fundraising, producing, editorial, logistics and marketing and visionary thinking. Dan's hobbies include working with Canon EOS DSLR and Cinema EOS cameras of which Dan longs only for more creative time to turn his images into paintings.

negotiation, fundraising, producer/editor, event logistics and marketing, editorial, visionary thinking

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