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Botanist is four guys that love playing music together, one of them loves his wife, one of them loves his girlfriend, one of them loves his girl (space) friend, one of them loves that he doesn't care about girls, all of them love each other and Jesus, sleep mode, cinemas, texting, Jim Halpert, Seinfeld, run-ins, pop-ins, SUMMERRR, photos, drip drying, short shorts, chivalry, pool toys/floaties, poise, good lighting, antics, ideas, vocabulary, college rule, typography, individuality, suckers, short films, nail clippers, early risers, quips, gentleman, bad haircuts, bunk beds, new socks, wizards, leashes, hick-ups, PDX, dry humor, underwater, armor, old couples, rest stops, the horizon, hand models, lists, wooblies, silhouettes, lawn chairs, choking, firework faces, hammocks, sun glasses, adhesive, barbarians or something.

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