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I run a small family owned royalty free stock footage agency with my wonderful wife. We provide quality stock footage as reasonable prices though we are best known for our high level of customer service. I have been in the stock footage business some 20 years now and shoot 95% of our stock footage personally. I hope you will stop by our web page and have a look around. BottledVideo.com

It has been a few now with BottledVideo.com. Sadly as wonderful as an idea it was to try to open our library of stock footage to the world for those need the footage was like opening a Pandora's Box the like of which we could never imagined.

Our spirit was take what you need if you need. The abuse of our systems was so great we could not keep up. People all over the world day in and day out trying to take 100's of clips at a time. The harder we tried curb the abuse the more these people took it as a game. The only thing we could that worked was put a $2 price on the HD and 4K footage and keep the SD free thinking who uses SD?

Things still spiraled out of control from abuse...So we installed some automated algorithms, the problem is 90% resolved and we are back to providing a truly excellent stock footage experience.

Thanks for giving us a look
David Schmerin
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