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“Music is the healing force of the universe.” (Albert Ayler)

Bounce Culture is a collective of DJs, musicians, designers, photographers, music lovers and teachers whose primary goal is to develop a positive environment to share our skills.We celebrate music, people, diversity and creativity, expressed through a series of events, workshops and courses, placing music at the core. Our course content reflects the many skills we use and believe are needed to stage a successful event, perform on any stage or produce music at any level.

Our aim is to educate, create, develop and stimulate, regardless of age. Everyone has a connection with music. We pride ourselves on unearthing that link. There is something for everyone within bOUNCE Culture – from early childhood to the wiser generation, we’ve catered for you.

bOUNCE Culture provides information, networks and platforms for all to learn and express themselves through music. The bOUNCE Junior project provides young people with an opportunity to express themselves whilst nurturing a hidden talent! bOUNCE Events have proven to offer the same space for adults. It’s what we do!

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