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  1. 34:29:39

    Lectures and Education

    by Bowdoin College

    66 Videos

    This album will include any lectures of visiting guests, videos specific to educational processes, or subjects educating the public.

  2. 39:21:24

    Arts & Entertainment

    by Bowdoin College

    93 Videos

    This album will contain any dance, musical, or theater performances and videos specific to the arts and entertainment section of the college.

  3. 03:18:14

    Student Life

    by Bowdoin College

    83 Videos

    This is the album for all things related to student life or student interests. This gives special insight into day to day life for students.

  4. 04:19:44

    Coastal Studies and Science

    by Bowdoin College

    41 Videos

    This is an album for videos related to any of our science departments and the Coastal Studies program on campus.

  5. 04:24:09

    Fellowships, Grants, Awards, and Scholarships

    by Bowdoin College

    11 Videos

    This is an album of videos related to fellowships, grants, awards, and scholarships, including luncheons and dinners related to them, and student projects.

  6. 00:57

    Shorts: Founding Principles

    by Bowdoin College

    1 Video

    How is American government defined? What are its origins? Who comprises the government and whom does it serve? How does it work both in theory and in practice? Addressing the key tenets of American…

  7. 02:14


    by Bowdoin College

    3 Videos

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