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Hi i am happy to see you her on my Vimeo profile. Here i share and hoste all of my videos of my hobby's

Skydiving. I have been skydiving since 2001 and have now 4200+ skydives. Wingsuiting was my main dicipline until 2008 where i started swooping. Swooping is pretty much what i do for fun when skydiving. I share my tandem videos here also but they are password protected and will only be public if the passenger put in a request for it.

Speedflying: I started Paragliding/speedflying in 2012 and am still learning sit down and enjoy.

PLS. if you like what you see on my profile then take 5 min and registre on vimeo and "klick" on the heart in the upper Right corner. It took me much longer to create the video.

And feel free to share

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