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Bellow is a bio written about me. I like it.


Matthew Bowler is an Emmy award-winning investigative journalist in San Diego California.

Bowler (as he is known in the newsroom) comes from a long line of journalists, but he does not have traditional broadcast beginnings. In college he studied art with a specialty in painting and printmaking. In 1997 Bowler married and a year later he moved to the South of France. While there he participated in art exhibitions and was written about in the “La Marseillaise” weekly newspaper in which they called his work “les oeuvres impossible” or “the impossible works”.

After his year in Provence, Bowler returned to San Diego and began to work as a freelance photographer. At that time most of his work was editorial photojournalism for newspapers and magazines. Some years later he transitioned into television news.

Beginning as a video editor Bowler quickly began working as a videographer. This is when he discovered his passion for telling television news stories. When Tribune Company bought the Fox affiliate (KSWB) in San Diego and he was offered a job as an Assignment Editor.

At KSWB Bowler has done more than his job title describes. He has been given the opportunity to produce shows, produce segments, write, shoot, edit, and voice his own stories.

2011 is a highlight in Bowler’s professional life. He received two Emmys; one for Investigative reporting and the other Political reporting.

Matthew Bowler will continue to create compelling television news wherever his career may take him.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email him at lmbowler [at] gmail dot com.

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