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Back in 1985 a miracle happened in Enschede (Netherlands). 9 months after my parents had a inspiring romance, I was there! 3 years later the passion for music started. I messed up several of my dad’s LP’s and expensive needles when he was still sleeping. My dad decided to lock his turntable so I couldn’t develop my unexperienced scratching.

After turning 13 years old, the passion for music started developing faster than ever. I bought a double deck CD player, 2 turntables, a mixer and a bunch of wood. 2 weeks later it turned into a DJ deck I always dreamt of. From there I started mixing. I spent a lot of time with my beauties. I saw the owner of the record store more than my parents to get the newest house tracks.

When I was 16 I first started performing my skills in front of audiences. Little parties of friends and also I managed to play on a student party in the local club. 3 years later I sold al my DJ gear and went deejaying for a living. The journey started at Texel and went from there to Schagen and Leeuwarden.

At the age of 24 I quitted deejaying. I decided to stop because I lost the fun in my job, because I couldn’t play the music I loved. From there I found another job and nowadays I’m still working for the biggest cable provider in the world. The love for music never disappeared, so I started making mix tapes. In 2011 I took it to the next level and expanded it with Video. The Video Yearmix by Boy Bruynzeel was born. From that point, you are reading this bio…

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