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Spirit of Boz is a generic term which covers all of Julien Friedler’s work, whether literary, analytic, philosophical, social or in the visual arts.
The aim of his work is to generate a new mindset in the arts, which is enriched by other disciplines. In this frame the Be Boz Be Art programme was created, which includes three symbolic works: « Forest of Souls/ Around the Boz in 80 years», « Give up » and « the Celestial Tramp ».
The association Spirit of Boz – Julien Friedler for Contemporary Art was created to support the Spirit of Boz project and the Be Boz Be Art project.
The Spirit of Boz association was founded in 2006. Julien Friedler founded this association with the aim of promoting contemporary art, and collective creation relating to Boz.
This association has a humanistic and artistic purpose.
It is funded by the sale of Julien Friedler’s works, by patronage and by donations. It develops a programme called Be Boz Be Art, set up by Julien Friedler.

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