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Acclaimed American fine art photographer, IMSirReal (aka Bryon Paul McCartney), creates images that reflect the potential that he believes we all possess within us. He is best known for his series of dance nudes with Cirque du Soleil performer and ballet dancer, Giulia Piolanti. "While some of my images deal with sensuality and sexual themes, my dance nudes are not about beauty or unattainable perfection, they are about clarity of focus and determination to be your best. Giulia is someone who dedicates her life to being the best that she can be, as a dancer and performer, and that should be a source of inspiration for us all."

McCartney has won several awards for his work, including first place in fine art nudes in the International Photography Awards, and a first place in the Prix de la Photographie Paris. McCartney also offer his photography workshops through the ViewFinder Center of Photography, based in Winterthur, Switzerland. In June 2009, he will be teaching a one week, fine art nude workshop in Como, Italy, visit for more information.

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