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Brendan started his creative career as an actor when he was a child, transitioned to filmmaking in his teens, and has since become known principally as the unabashedly personal young auteur behind four feature films: Generation Why (Rising Star Award Winner at the Canada International Film Festival - 2010); Choch (“one of the intriguing and involving low-budget indies to cross my desk in 2011” – The Independent Critic); Spaces and Reservations (“a grounded and thought provoking look at modern love” -; and the recently completed Sensitive Parts.

Brendan’s directing credits also include a diverse set of short films on a variety of formats, including an improvised act of self-interrogation entitled Best Friends For Life (Official Selection - Montreal World Film Festival), and his SFU grad film Getting There (Official Selection - Calgary International Film Festival).

Originally from Calgary, Brendan relocated to Vancouver in 2009, where he graduated with distinction from Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts.

Brendan is currently a resident in the Directors’ Lab at the Canadian Film Centre in Toronto, where he is developing his fifth feature film.

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